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LP Gas Exchange

Bring your empty LP Gas bottles to Alectra Solutions for a refill. We supply gas in 9kg, 19kg and 48kg cylinders.

Below are our prices on the following LP Gas cylinders.

9KG Exchange


9kg LPG Exchange

19KG Exchange


19kg LPG Exchange

48KG Exchange


48kg LPG Exchange

When to exchange your gas bottle

Checking when your gas bottle needs a refill is a quick and easy task. To identify how much gas is still left in the cylinder, run your finger from the top to the bottom and you should notice a change in temperature. Where the temperature gets cooler is where there is still gas in the cylinder. You can also pour hot water on the cylinder and a line of condensation will indicate the level of gas.

Please do not attempt to refill gas yourself as this can be very dangerous as there is a lot of pressure inside the cylinder. You can exchange your empty LP Gas cylinders at Alectra Solutions located at C/O AND, Lavender Rd & Braam Pretorius St, Pretoria(Entrance through bird park). For new LP Gas cylinders, you can pay a deposit of R590.00 for 9kg, 19kg or 48kg.